Mrs J. Dawson (Deputy Principal & Grade 2D)

Mrs J. Dawson (Deputy Principal & Grade 2D)

Mrs J. Booysen (Grade 1B)

Mrs N.E Billie (Grade 1N)

Mrs C. Griebelaar (Grade 1G & FP HOD)

Ms L. Wyngaard (Grade 2W)

Mrs G. Tetiwe (Grade 2T)

Mrs D. Watson- Barry (Grade 3W)

Mrs T. Mtimkulu (Grade 3M)

Mrs P. Lebazi (Grade 3L)

Mr L. Ntulo (Grade 4N)

Mrs T. Petersen- Brown (Grade 4 & IP HOD)

Ms T. Halam (Grade 5H)

Mrs W. Feeke (Grade 5F)

Mrs V. Nginingini (Grade 5N & IP HOD)

Mr L. Basso (Grade 6B)

Mrs Z. Jameson (Grade 6J)

Mr D. Chitsaka (Grade 7C)

Mrs U. Solontsi (Grade 7S)

Mrs C. Chihoto (Learning Support)

Mrs C. Sisam (Admin Officer)

Ms T. Arendse (Librarian)

Ms D. Isaacs (Assistant Teacher)

Mr A. Simon (General Foreman)

Mr S. Mndini (General Assistant)

Ms E. Koeberg (General Assistant)

Ms A. Isaacs (Feeding Scheme)

Ms W. Cupido (Feeding Scheme)

Governing Body


Our Mission and Vision


To nurture and develop our learners holistically so that they grow to be literate and numerate individuals who have a well-developed sense of social responsibility.



“To provide relevant quality education that promotes democratic ideas, human rights; striving for excellence in what we do through dedicated and committed educators and learners; to educate and develop the whole child to know his/her worth; to show respect for others and the community; to encourage learners to realize their full potential and become responsible contributors to society”.

Communication with the school

  1. Parents wishing to see the Principal are requested to make an appointment through the Secretary. In this way you will sure of the Principal’s individual attention.


  1. Parents wishing to see Educators are requested to do so by appointment only. Appointments may be made telephonically through the Secretary.

School address:
Ficus street

Contact number:
021 702 6178


Fax number:
086 273 4593

Email Address:



Grade 1                    Monday to Thursday                     8h00 till 13h30

                                    Friday                                                8h00 till 12h15


Grade 2                    Monday to Thursday                     8h00 till 13h30

                                    Friday                                                8h00 till 12h15


Grade 3                    Monday to Thursday                     8h00 till 14h00

                                    Friday                                                8h00 till 12h15


Grade 4 – 7 Monday to Thursday                     8h00 till 14h50

                                    Friday                                                8h00 till 13h00

General Information


Access to the school:

The children may enter and leave the school grounds through the side gate in front of the school.

Wet weather:

Please be sure to give your child a pair dry shoes and socks to change into during rainy days.


No toys are allowed at school. The staff cannot be held responsible for lost toys.


Money should always be sent to school in a marked envelope, money-bag or purse.


Punctuality is essential so please see that your child is at school before the first bell rings at 07h55.


Regular attendance is expected. Should your child be absent from school, please phone the office by 8h30 or write a note informing the school about the cause of absence and send it to the school when the child returns.

Cell phones:

If a child brings a cell phone to school, it must be handed in at the office on arrival at school in the morning.

NB!!! Learners are encouraged to NOT bring cell phones to school.

School rules


  1. School rules are necessary for the protection of the learner.
  2. School rules promote the education of the learner and the welfare of the school.
  3. Rules must be fair, just and reasonable. They should not prescribe the impossible. Such a provision would be unreasonable, unenforceable, futile and without purpose.

Rules may not discriminate between persons or categories of persons. A rule must not do anybody an injustice.

  1. School rules normally apply on the school premises during the course of the normal school session but the application thereof can be extended both in term of time and place.

School rules apply to learners while they are in school uniform

WESTLAKE Primary School Creed for learners


We are learners at Westlake Primary School.

This is our school.

I accept the responsibility for my behavior and its consequences.

I do not have the right to interfere with the learning and wellbeing of others.

I shall overcome all obstacles which stand in my way.

The decision I make today will affect the rest of my life.

Through education, I shall strive to learn self-respect and self-discipline.

Education will help me to respect other and to become a dignified and law abiding person.

I shall focus on my strengths and use these to build a brighter future for myself.

I shall not let laziness bury the intelligence that I was born with and I shall pass this year.

I shall make a effort to study everyday so that my true intelligence can shine through.

I have dreams for the future and I shall work hard to make my dreams come true.

I shall use education as a stepping stone to a brighter future.

Let us remember

That, as many hands build a house;

So many hearts make a school

Let us stand out in the community as Westlake Primary School Achievers!!

School Readiness Activities

  1. Teach your child to write his/her name in small letters

E.g. John Smith

  1. Teach your child his/her address and telephone number.
  2. Give your child messages to carry or an instruction to carry out without being reminded. Use words such as above, below, on the left, between etc.
  3. Help your child to speak clearly and correctly using good grammar and vocabulary.
  4. Teach your child to listen and obey immediately – teachers only have time to speak once.
  5. Read to your child daily and encourage him/her to look at picture books. Join the library.
  6. Allow your child to cut out, draw, colour-in, etc. to strengthen little fingers for writing.
  7. Do many counting activities. Count everything you see in ones, twos, threes, etc.
  8. Encourage your child to spend time playing quietly with educational toys i.e. Lego, Puzzles, Board games, etc.
  9. Also encourage your child to run, climb and do physical activities to build up muscle tone.
  10. Teach your child to dress and undress quickly by himself/herself. He/she will need to do this twice a week at school. This includes shoelaces and buckles.
  11. Train your child to rise in the morning and to go to sleep early. (about 7:30pm)
  12. Limit TV time to about 1 hour per day and encourage other activities which are more educational.
  13. Please keep this list in a prominent place and try to refer to it regularly.


What my child needs to know at the beginning of Grade 1

  • Say his/her full name in small letter: e.g. Jack Cooper
  • His/her surname, address and telephone number as well as his/her birth date
  • Say “Please” and “Thank you”
  • Dress him/her
  • Button his/her shirt
  • Tie his/her shoelaces
  • Recognise his/her name on clothing
  • Blow his/her nose correctly
  • Know how to use a toilet and how to ask to be allowed to go to the toilet
  • Be able to pack away toys after use
  • Be able to understand and carry out simple instructions
  • If possible to know his/her left and right
  • All stationery and uniform should be provided and marked
  • Be aware that Grade 1 is a unique experience for your child to which he/she will react in a unique way.